Hello! I’m a native speaker of British English and I work as a translator in Berlin. I use this blog to share my observations about German and English – the ‘two most widely spoken Germanic languages’ of the blog’s tagline.

As a translator, I take pleasure in converting German into stylish and easily digestible English. For me, the mark of a good translation is that it reads so naturally, one would never suspect it was a translation.

I’m also interested in the historical links between German and English: from their common Germanic roots, via the influence of German-speaking immigrants on American English, to the appearance of countless Anglicisms in modern German, especially in the age of the internet.

It’s fascinating to see how German uses Anglicisms in innovative ways, but also to see that German has some lively internet slang and memes of its own.

I write in English, as a rule, though I may write the occasional post in German depending on subject matter or target audience.

Finally, I write this blog as a hobby, not for business. I’m employed full time and am not looking to take on freelance work. But blog comments are welcome and you can also contact me by email: johnnygermanic(at)mail.com, or on Twitter.

Thanks for visiting.