Foosball / Tischfußball (Kicker)

This post is one of a series on ‘Germanisms in American English’ and should be read in conjunction with the introductory post here.

Foosball (table football/soccer)
Tischfußball (Kicker)

Foosball, an American English term for table football, is different from other Germanisms in this series in that its German origin is fairly conspicuous. Even the Wikipedia article on table football begins as follows:

»  Table football, commonly called fuzboll or foosball (as in the German Fußball ‘football’) and sometimes table soccer…  «

Although Wikipedia points out that Fußball means football, it doesn’t mention the German word for table football: Tischfußball, which is commonly known in Germany as Kicker. This makes foosball (to denote table football) a kind of misnomer – a pseudo-Germanism, in much the same way that Handy (meaning mobile phone) is a pseudo-Anglicism in German.
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